Extravirgin olive oil condiment with natural aromas of chili pepper, garlic and Cayenne pepper, basil, lemon and black truffle. Excellent for seasoning various dishes: from first courses to pizza, from fish to vegetables.


Extravirgin olive oil condiment with natural aromas:

  • Chili pepper, excellent for first courses, and legume and beansoups, or on pizza.
  • Garlic and chili pepper, excellent for stir frying and sautèing, and perfect for the famous “garlic and chili-pepper” pasta dish.
  • Basil, ideal for fresh food and summer dishes, or for delicate sauces.
  • Lemon, perfect for adding flavour to fish-based dishes, salads and boiled vegetables.
  • Black truffle, ideal for seasoning home-made first-course dishes.

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