Ottenuto da una miscela di oli delle diverse varietà di olive raccolte nelle tenute della nostra Azienda Agricola, l’olio extravergine d’oliva Corax Fruttato si caratterizza per il suo profumo di oliva al giusto grado di maturazione e per un gusto equilibrato, destinato a soddisfare i palati più esigenti.



Corax Fruity extravirgin olive oil belongs to the category of medium fruity. It is obtained from a mixture of oils made from the different types of olives harvested in our Farm Company, and is characteristic for its fragrance of olives ripened to the right degree, with notes of bitter almond, artichoke and thistle, and for a correct balance, with a bitter and pungent aftertaste. It’s aimed at satifying the most demanding palate.

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